Chioggia is often, and wrongly, overshadowed by the magnificence of Venice. Of course, it is smaller and less monumental, but it is special in its own way.


I suggest a visit to the cathedral, the other ancient churches and the museums, a stroll through the streets and the edges of the city for a good aperitivo. Visit the fish market. The old town is almost a kilometre in length, adorned with a long, almost uninterrupted portico, full of shops which are always open.


Just along the Corso del Popolo is the church of S. Andrea, and at the top of its bell tower you will find the clock with the oldest still-functioning mechanism in the world! It is free of charge to visitors at weekends. Inside there is a small museum which explains its origins, and volunteers will be on hand for any information you may need! The view from the top is breathtaking!


Also famous for its university with its department of marine biology, it is a wonderful city of art which at the same time offers hospitality, good food and cultural and gastronomic events.