Allow me to introduce myself – my name is Daniele Bellemo.


Over the years I have chosen and put together a staff that I consider my family. What brings us together above all is the love for the work we do and the city we live in.


One of a kind, with a rich history and a rare beauty, our beach can offer everything from comfortable relaxation to lively days full of fun. The sunsets give way to nights full of beauty.


The countless kilometres of cycle paths and the safety of a city where crime is almost non-existent give everyone, including us, the chance to rent a bike and roam the narrow streets of Chioggia, visit the old town or choose to dine in one of the numerous restaurants, where naturally the typical dishes are fish-based.


Personally I love and always recommend a boat ride on Chioggia’s lagoon.


I would like to end with a personal opinion – I have to say that if I didn’t live here, I would try and come here as much as possible.

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